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World Space Week -2022

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A team of four graduate students, guided by Prof. Jaydeep Shah - President of KYF, bagged 1st prize at "Natural River Trash Regulation" - a State level Research Competition organized by G.M.R.T. and Indian Science Congress. The competition was a part of G.M.R.T.'s "Online Science Experiment Competition & Exhibition 2021", a Virtual celebration for Science Day 2021. Prof. Shah's insights and guidance paved the way for the team to win out of 650 research proposals submitted at the competition. The team members were Mr. Tejas Pradip Shirsath, Ms. Riya Vinay Jain, Ms. Reva Milind Kulkarni, Mr. Nishant Bhimrao Survade, all pursuing Graduate Engineering degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. At KYF, we belive in "Learning by doing it" and thus encourage students in developing their skills in critical thinking.


Asteroid Day

Date : 30 June 2021

Event 1 : Quiz Competition

Participants : 59

Participation Fee : 0

Asteroid Day

Date : 27 June 2021

Webinar : Asteroid and sample return Mission

Participants : 84

Participation Fee : 0

webinar link : https://meet.google.com/rto-yifq-gzm

World Environment Day

Date : 5 June 2021

Event 1 : 3 minute video competition under subject #मी घडवून आणलेला बदल!! निसर्गासाठी !!

Registration link: https://forms.gle/1fthBx9omY95DBMV8

Competition Rule : https://cutt.ly/qnt9WpM

Event 3 : Panel discussion on education and opportunity in environment science.

World Environment Day

Date : 5 June 2021

Event 2 : Webinar on world environment day

Registration link: https://meet.google.com/puh-anyw-qqp

World Environment Day

Date : 5 June 2021

Event 3 : Panel discussion on Career and opportunity in the environmental science.

Registration link: https://meet.google.com/rpn-nvyo-qvq

Event : World Earth Day

Date : 22 April 2021

Celebration : Awareness about save earth on social media with hash tag #

Event : Ingenuity helicopter

Date : 11 April 2021

Webinar : various aspects of mission Ingenuity Helicopter ( Open to all)

Participation Fee : 0

Participants : 53

Event : World Water Day

Date : 22 March 2021

Competition: 2 minute Video with a message to save & value Water( Open to all)

Participation Fee : 0

Participants : 32